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Just a strap

What I really mean is guitar strap at pal! Yes this a nice gift for those guitar lovers, I mean musicians this are the best  and nothing but truly appreciated.  All you need to do is visit their online store and guess what you can find different colors, designs and many more.  But what matter most here is the gifts that is given with love and gifts receive with pure acceptance no more questions. 🙂

what is a ribbon microphone?

How about have a microphone and a red ribbon and tie up the ribbon over the microphone to a ribbon microphone..Lol just kidding. For the information: what is a ribbon microphone? As according to my source it is a very popular call into the Music and recording, this instrument uses to make the voices much realistic and more nice to be heard during broadcasting. Oh my, I want this ribbon microphone for my voice lessons. Lol I mean for our Videoke sessions.